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Yo momma so dumb she thought Twilight Sparkle's special talent was Edward Cullen.
Yo mama's so fat I shot the bitch and Crisco came out.
Yo mama's so fat she still runs at normal speed with lightweight on.
Yo mama's so fat she uses a mattress for a maxi-pad.
Yo momma's so dumb she took you to the drive-in movie theater to see Closed for the season

Yo momma got a face like a blind cobbler's thumb.
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Yo mama's so statist she tells you who to vote for.
Yo momma so fat that she would have been in E.T., but when she rode the bike across the moon, she caused an eclipse.
Yo mama's so ugly when she was born the doctor had to slap the nurse to stop her screaming.
Yo mama so poor the IRS can't even figure out how much she's worth.

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