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Yo mama's so stupid she drove all the way to New Mexico with the handbrake on.
Yo mamma so dumb she bought a sliding glass door with a peephole.
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  • Submitted by: canoodle
Yo momma so ugly her birth certificate was an apology letter.
Yo mama's so ugly that Pythagoras wouldn't touch her with a 3-4-5 triangle.
Yo momma so stupid she broke her foot with a car battery, trying to drop acid!

Yo mama's so ugly she uses her face for birth control.
Yo mama's so fat she sat on a dollar and made it four quarters.
Yo mama so stupid she threw water at the computer to put out a flame war!
Yo mama's so fat when she goes to the circus she sees the big top and asks "Where can I try that on?"
Yo mama so fat they couldn't get her through the Golden Gate Bridge!

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