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Yo mama’s so statist, she had to get her breast milk approved by the FDA before she would feed it to you.
Yo mama so ugly that when she looked at another ugly person the they turned into stone.
Yo momma so fat light goes around her.
Yo mama's so fat she won the hunger games with just a fart.
Yo mama's so fat the highway patrol made her wear a "Caution! Wide Turn" sign.

Yo mama so stupid she went to the beach to surf the internet.
Yo mama's so fat that she was cut from the cast of E.T., because she caused an eclipse when she rode the bike across the moon.
Yo mama's so stupid that she thinks fruit punch is a gay boxer.
Yo mamma's so dumb she wore a hard hat to Wal Mart because it said "Watch out for falling prices!"
Yo mama's so hairy that Bigfoot wants to take HER picture!

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