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Yo momma so ugly she threw a boomerang and it refused to come back.
Yo mama so stupid she taped a piece of paper on the T.V. and called it pay-per-view.
Yo momma so cross eyed, her husband left her for seeing someone on the side.
Yo momma so ugly she makes a Venusaur in drag look like Kanto's Next Top Model.
Yo momma's so crosseyed she dropped a dime and picked up 2 nickels.

Yo mama's such a loser she rings her flat mate to ask 'can I make out with you?'
Yo mama so lazy, the only thing she gets excited about is canceled plans.
Yo mamma so fat Snorlax worship her as a goddess.
Yo mama's so ugly she cant buy beauty products.
Yo mama's so stupid she asked an Enderman if he wanted to have a staring contest.

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