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Yo mama messed up so much not even god would forgive her sins.
Yo mama so fat God told her he had no room in heaven and the devil said there was no room in hell.
Yo mama so fat when God said let there be light she was in the way.
Yo mama so fat when God said let there be light, he asked her to move out of the way.
  • Submitted by: Taine07
Yo mama so old she dated Adam before Eve came to Earth!

Yo mama so old she got her bible signed by jesus
Yo mama so old she has a picture of Jesus in her kindergarten yearbook.
  • Submitted by: Andy Andersson
Yo mama so old she was best friends with Jesus.
Yo mama so old she was sat next to Jesus in preschool
  • Submitted by: Bad Ass
Yo mama so old she wrote Jesus's bible!
  • Submitted by: ?

Yo mama so old that she birthed God.
  • Submitted by: gaius
Yo mama so old when moses parted the red sea she was on the other side fishing
  • Submitted by: ihjnol
Yo mama so tall she did a cartwheel and racked Jesus.
Yo mama's is so fat that when god said," Let there be light," he told her to move her fat ass out the way first!
Yo mama's so fat even God couldn't raise her spirits.

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