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Yo mama so big, she can't fit into a black hole
  • Submitted by: Halladay
Yo mama so big, she could be used to repel an asteroid.
  • Submitted by: Moha
Yo mama so big, she experiences gravity in space.
Yo mama so big, she surpasses the weight of Falcon 9's payload.
  • Submitted by: nemo
Yo mama so far, if she was put in space, the tides would change.

Yo mama so fat astronauts lose sight of the earth when she passes in front of the ISS.
  • Submitted by: starboy
Yo mama so fat she fits perfectly between the Milky Way and Andromeda.
  • Submitted by: Havana
Yo mama so fat she reversed the effects of our carbon dioxide emissions, thus cooling the Earth to frigid temperatures.
Yo mama so fat that her circumference is larger than that of the earth.
Yo mama so fat that the force her mass exerts to the ground is enough to move the Earth into a different gravitational orbit.

Yo mama so fat the earth started orbiting around HER.
Yo mama so fat when she stands in front of the sun she instantly causes a solar eclipse.
Yo mama so ugly her complexion makes Jupiter's surface look smooth as silk.
Yo mama' so fat she's moving the Earth out of its orbit.
  • Submitted by: Oliwia OO
Yo mama's so fat NASA is going to use her to fill the hole in the ozone layer.
  • Submitted by: Elton69

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