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Yo mama so hairy Michael Jackson bought she was Bubbles.
  • Submitted by: Richard S
Yo mama so old she dated Marco Polo.
  • Submitted by: Caiden
Yo mama so old she was a stripper for Christopher Columbus!
  • Submitted by: alvin
Yo mama so poor she married Michael Jackson.
  • Submitted by: kim
Yo mama so stupid Rebecca Black taught her Thursday comes before Friday!
  • Submitted by: oh-noooo

Yo mama so ugly she make Michael Jackson look like Brad Pitt.
Yo mama So ugly she scared Michael Jackson.
  • Submitted by: Deacon
Yo mama so ugly that Rice Crispies won't even talk to her.
Yo mama's so dumb that Rebecca Black taught her the days of the week.
  • Submitted by: Moha
Yo mama's so fat Christopher Columbus claimed her as the new world.
  • Submitted by: michal

Yo mama's so fat even Richard Simmons laughs at her.
  • Submitted by: Gwenaëlle
Yo mama's so fat Honey Boo Boo's mom tried to give her a massage and got lost!
Yo mama's so fat Jenny Craig did a credit check.
Yo mama's so fat she made Richard Simmons cry.
Yo mama's so fat she makes Richard Simmons lose his enthusiasm.

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