Yo Mama so old

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Yo mama so old if you tell her to act her age she'll die.
Yo mama so old she *** out fossils
  • Submitted by: Gabe
Yo mama so old she doesn't have a camel toe she has a chicken gizard
Yo mama so old she helped name the planets.
Yo mama so old she looks like my *** sack...
  • Submitted by: Q

Yo mama so old she saw the big bang.
  • Submitted by: Oscar
Yo mama so old she went to an antique store they wouldn't let her leave.
Yo mama so old the old gods pray to HER!
Yo mama so old they moved her out of the retirement home and in to the museum.
Yo mama so old when she breast feeds it comes out like powder.

Yo mama so old when you talk about dinosaurs she has flashbacks
  • Submitted by: Jack
Yo mama so old......in history class she wrote down what she was doing
Yo mama's so old & ugly, her name is Ape.
  • Submitted by: >>------>
Yo mama's so old even Guinan refers to her as "old bag".
Yo mama's so old George Burns calls her "Grandma".
  • Submitted by: Angel Underwood

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