Yo Mama so smelly

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Yo mama smells like hot ass on a cold day.
Yo mama smells like the Flash's nuts after a hard day of runnin'.
Yo mama smells so bad her Sure deodorant is confused and her Secret told on her.
  • Submitted by: Leo1234
Yo mama smells so bad that not even a dog would go near her.
  • Submitted by: Teodoro
Yo mama so smelly she made Speed Stick slow down, Right Guard turn left, and Ban Gay go on straight.
  • Submitted by: yeeesss

Yo mama so smelly the cat keeps trying to bury her in the sandbox.
  • Submitted by: Kody
Yo mama's so stank a blind man walking by her asked "How much for the shrimp platter?"
Yo mama's so stank every time she opens her mouth she's talking shit.
  • Submitted by: Winterrowd
Yo mama's so stank she has to use Right Guard and Left Guard.
  • Submitted by: Wim
Yo mama's so stank she made her Right Guard call for backup.

Yo mama's so stank she made Right Guard go left, Speed Stick slow down, and Ban come off strike.
  • Submitted by: poiuytrewq
Yo mama's so stank she was playing in a sand box and a cat came along and buried her.
  • Submitted by: Bruno O.
Yo mama's so stank she's like Shaquille O'Neal, she don't fake the funk!!
Yo mama's so stank that her shit is glad to escape.
Yo mama's so stank when she spreads her legs I get sea sick.
  • Submitted by: Stacy North

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