Yo Mama so ugly

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I thought you were ugly ... and then I met Yo mama
I'm not saying she's ugly...But she turned 3 cannibals into vegetarians.
Yo mama so ugly her mama put rubber bands on her ears so that people would think that she was only wearing a mask.
Yo mama so ugly her nickname is "Damn"!
  • Submitted by: wayne
Yo mama so ugly if ugly were bricks, she would be her own project.

Yo mama so ugly in public, people try to avoid looking directly at her.
  • Submitted by: Hentai
Yo mama so ugly she always keeps three bags handy: one for her head, one for your own head in case hers fell off, and one by the door in case anyone walked in.
  • Submitted by: Kacper
Yo mama so ugly she got turned down for "Girls Gone Wilding"
  • Submitted by: Jed
Yo mama so ugly she gotta wear a disguise on garbage day.
  • Submitted by: Draven
Yo mama so ugly she has a face that would sink a thousand ships.
  • Submitted by: meow

Yo mama so ugly she has to even sneak up on a hurricane to catch a breeze.
  • Submitted by: Benjamin
Yo mama so ugly she has to sneek up on a glass of water.
  • Submitted by: relax67
Yo mama so ugly she has to wear a bag over her head, you wear a bag over your own head whenever you see her in case her bag breaks, and you bring a third bag to puke into if you end up having to look at her anyway.
Yo mama so ugly she looks like her face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with an ax.
Yo mama so ugly she made an account on a dating app and got banned straight away.
  • Submitted by: Lennart

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